From our clients.

Kim Oulette

HR Walmart Home Office

“I was a skeptic at first because I had tried so many types of care - I have tried massage therapy, chiropractic care, and many topical pain relievers, when finally a neurologist recommended physical therapy with Tristan. What a relief it gave me, Tristan became my hero! He was very patient, and attentive to my pain. In the middle of PT for chronic headaches and occipital neuralgia, I fell and fractured my my wrist, broke my ulnar ball in my elbow and had a sprain in my shoulder. I found myself needing PT for another reason and told my orthopedic surgeon I would only go to one therapist. It was a lot of effort, but I can’t tell you how quickly he got me back to 100%. If I ever find myself in need of PT again, Tristan is the only one I would trust! Thank you, Tristan.”

Angela Brasuell

Owner, David James Hair Salon

I had major issues in my arms and left shoulder for two straight years. My doctor sent me to a highly recommended physical therapy practice and they ended up making my issues so much worse. One of my friends was well on her way to having knee surgery when she went to see Tristan Tiarks. Not only did she not need surgery, but she has had zero issues since seeing him over two years ago. I went to see him and he completely healed both issues (and they were major) until a doctor prescribed Cipro and my tendons tore. He then helped me recover from those surgeries faster than I ever could have done without him. He knows the body and is so dedicated to what he does. I have such a deep appreciation for people who put their whole heart into their work and he does 100%. He also happens to be a great guy with a lot of compassion. I can’t recommend him enough.