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Physical Therapy



Services Provided

  • Dry needling

  • Various manual therapies including spine mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTIM), and cupping. 

  • Custom upper extremity splinting.

  • Emphasis in spine and various head/neck/jaw issues - TMD, facial and trigeminal, cervical and thoracic pain.

  • Pain management - arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, and spine.

  • Post surgery rehab.

  • Advanced Vestibular/Balance rehab - includes eye, inner ear, and body awareness assessments. 




642 Lancashire Road
Bella Vista, AR 72715

201 South 19th Street
Ste S, Cambridge Crossing
Rogers, AR 72758


Bella Vista: 479.876.6686
               fax 479.876.6640
Rogers: 479.631.3955
fax 479.631.0152


Details for Services Provided

advanced vestibular/balance rehab

We offer the most current and effective treatment approaches to vestibular dysfunction and balance impairments. Assessments are related to the ocular (eye), vestibular (inner ear), and somatosensory (body awareness) systems which are the 3 component systems for overall vestibular/balance issues. We then rank these 3 systems on how well they are functioning together and relative to one another (EX: 1 somatosensory, 2 ocular, 3  vestibular).  Based on this rank order and how they compare to a population norm, we develop a personalized treatment plan for your specific deficits. Note: Almost all people with Vestibular/Balance Dysfunction have a component of muscle weakness/imbalance that will be incorporated into the program.

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various manual therapies, spine mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (iastm), cupping 

We bring great expertise in the area of “hands on” care, using various techniques including high-velocity low-amplitude thrust mobilization for the spine and extremities (HVLA Grade 5), and various instruments for soft tissue mobilization including IASTIM tools and cupping.


custom upper extremity splinting

We can fabricate various splints from the finger to the elbow for fractures, arthritis, nerve problems, and tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries. The initial fitting is performed in under one hour with subsequent appointments as necessary to get the perfect fit just for you. This may be covered by your insurance, please call us or your insurance provider to verify coverage.



spine, head, neck, jaw issues

This is an area of emphasis in our clinical practice. It includes TMD, facial or trigeminal nerve problems, headaches, migraines, and various spinal diagnoses from the cervical to the sacrum.

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Learn more about headaches and migraines.

Dry needling

Dry needling is using a very thin monofilament solid bore needle inserted into the muscle to aid in pain reduction and healing. If you have any acute or chronic pain related to the nerves, muscles, or joints in your body then it is highly likely that this will be an effective treatment for you.

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pain management

We have a history of working side by side with surgeons, physicians, and neurologists for treating conditions like acute/degenerative issues including the spine, fibromyalgia, and chronic post surgical pain.




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